10 Things to Demand from an Air Duct Cleaning Company

All air duct cleaning companies are not the same! Quality doesn’t come without a price. The cost of fuel, the right equipment, vehicles and good people are the same for everyone. When you’re investing in air duct cleaning service for your home, you deserve to know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

Do you want a cheap quote and empty promises, or a fair price…and the most thorough cleaning in the business? When you call the other guys, use this check list of questions and demand that the carpet cleaners and low price couponders tell you right up front what you’re really going to get for their “bargain price!”

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1. Do You SPECIALIZE in Air Duct Cleaning?

Hear music on the line? The other guys may be starting up their little song and dance? Watch out for, ” We specialize in a lot of things… carpet cleaning, chimney sweeping or heating and cooling!” What they really mean is – “No we don’t.”

2. Is your EQUIPMENT a power-vac trunk?

Power-vac trucks do the job right. Portable vacs have three potential problems. (1) Very little vacuum power. (2) The seals can leak as the machine exhausts in the house. (3) There’s always a danger of cross contamination from other jobs. One good thing – they’re cheap!

3. Do you provide a WRITTEN GUARANTEE?

A written “Service Guarantee” spelling out what you can expect from the company before, during and after the job is complete. Demand a written list that you can use to check their work and be assured your investment is protected

4. Are the workers FULL TIME EMPLOYEES of your company?

Many service companies don’t hire employees. They subcontract workers on an “as-needed” basis and they have no connection with the company you called. Demand to know if the workers coming are employee’s or sub-contractors.


At Oregon Ducts, Inc., we put down floor coverings and protect doorways and corners with plastic guards. If you get silence on this question, get ready to have your carpets cleaned when the low-price guys are done!

6. Will My REGISTERS & RETURN COVERS be Cleaned?

Most air duct cleaners don’t even think about doing this important step. Ask for assurance that all registers and cold-air return covers will be vacuumed and pressurized air cleaned as part of their standard process. We think it’s part of a thorough cleaning!

7. Are Ducts and Main Lines Cleaned with a SCRUBBING TOOL?

This is critical to a thorough cleaning. Accumulated contamination can be sticky and compacted. There’s no amount of vacuum or blowing air that can deep-clean your system. Our special tools scrub that stuff away.

8. Do You Include NEW SERVICE PANEL Doors?

One carpet cleaner advertised, “We don’t cut into your system!” Our question then is, “How do you get the dirt out?” Both the supply and return main lines must be accessed to clean the system. New service access panels complete the job.

9. Can I TALK TO THE OWNER if I Have a Problem?

You’ll receive a postage-paid “Satisfaction Survey” so you can convey directly to the owner of Oregon Ducts, Inc. how you feel about the service you received. Every survey is read and if there’s a problem – it’s addressed within 24 hours.

10. Will You Provide Proof of $1,000,000 IN LIABILITYINSURANCE?

Demand proof that the company carries at least a $ 1,000,000 umbrella policy. This may seem remote, but what if a neighbors child was hurt on your property by the uninsured equipment of your “bargain-priced” cleaner. It’s happened!

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Our mission is to provide our customers with the best service, quality and dependability in the air duct cleaning industry, keeping our customers informed to better serve their indoor air quality needs at a fair and reasonable price.